Heating Ducts

What you need to know about heating ducts

An important part of your furnace, heating ducts distribute the hot or cold air from your HVAC system throughout your home. Often, they are older and can't stand up to the efficiency of a modern furnace. When you replace your furnace, you may want to check your heating ducts. They may be in need of repair or replacement. Learn more about what to do if your heating ducts need attention.

Heating Duct Replacement and Heating Duct Repair

Signs that your ducts may need replacement or repair include:

  • Poorly designed. The ducts just aren't holding up to the needs of the furnace and aren't working efficiently.
  • Poor installation. The ducts were not installed right from the start, and this is making them work poorly.
  • Unbalanced ducts. You will be able to hear if your ducts are unbalanced because the passage of air will make them creak. Unbalanced ducts will not transport hot or cool quickly or effectively.
  • Insufficient air returns. There is one centrally located return in your home, but if its doors are shut, the air will not travel as quickly or move as well. More air returns can help eliminate this problem.
  • Rooms are too hot or too cold.
  • High utility bills.
  • Your furnace filters are getting dirty . This is common, but if it happens too quickly, your home will become dusty.
  • Your ducts are leaking.

Contact a licensed HVAC contractor or duct specialist to fix your ducts. You can fix them or replace yourself, but you may run into problems later if you lack the specialized knowledge needed to replace or clean ducts. Professional heating duct installation will put your mind at ease.

If you have decided to replace your heating ducts, consider choosing flexible heating ducts. These will not only be easy to install, they're also are insulated and can be put in places regular ducts may not reach.

Heating ducts are important, because they keep your furnace running efficiently. Make sure to have your ducts inspected at least once a year to ensure that your furnace will continue to run well and your rooms will be adequately heated or cooled.

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