Duct Cleaning

Learn how to clean your ducts

Like furnace cleaning, heating duct cleaning is very important to the air quality and cleanliness of your home. Although duct cleaning does not provide any significant energy savings, it can help improve your indoor air quality and the airflow of your furnace. Learn about what's involved with cleaning your ducts and whether or not you should choose a professional to perform this service for you.

How to Clean Your Ducts

Air duct cleaning has many benefits, some of which include better air quality, better airflow and reduction of many household allergens. Most ducts are clogged with dust, which is comprised of outdoor dust that has been tracked in or blows through windows or other openings. Dust is also created by human skin and hair shedding, pet debris, fibers from carpets, clothes and bedding. As you walk around your home, you are raising dust wherever you go. Duct cleaning can help remove some of this extraneous matter from your home.

Many people will hire a residential duct cleaning service to help them with this dirty chore, but duct cleaning can be done on your own. However, this is expensive. The vacuums needed to clean your heating ducts must be quite powerful and are expensive to rent or to buy. Duct cleaning services use their own equipment to snake through your ducts.

Duct cleaning companies will use a vacuum attached to a truck outside your home. An attachment or hose will be placed through your ducts to pick up any debris, then the debris will be carted away and disposed of. If you are planning to get your ducts cleaned, get an estimate from several duct cleaners before you choose one to go with.

Commercial duct cleaning can increase the air quality in your office as well as decrease the transfer of viruses, bacteria and allergens that may lurk in dirty ducts. Speak to your employer about duct cleaning or, if you are the business owner, consider cleaning your ducts once a year to maintain healthy air levels in your place of business.

Duct cleaning does not have any significant financial benefits, but it helps you maintain good health and prolong the life of your furnace. Consider cleaning your ducts to get the most out of your heating system this winter.

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